The innovation submarine

Omer X has a desire to innovate a submarine with a system never tried before. The submarine is designed to fit the “one-person without propeller” category. The goal is to beat the speed world record in this category owned by Omer 6.

The system used is borrowed from the kayak pedal mechanism from the brand Hobie. However, to improve the performance, the team has entirely redesigned the transmission system to integrate a “Scotch Yoke” system, the amplitude of the movement has been maximized and the system has been doubled. The hull of the submarine is made of basalt fiber with a final layer of carbon fiber.

The submarine is also the first to use a direction system in “X”, permitting to gain 41% in the direction force compared to a normal cross configuration. In addition the system is also designed to conformed the submarine to be controlled electronically. The submarine has also been designed to be easily modifiable to fit a standard propeller system, it would be the first submarine to compete in the two categories.

The record is waiting for us

During the European International Submarine Races (eISR) in 2016, Omer X won the innovation prize. A mechanical problem prevented us from using the whole potential of the propulsion system and win the world record.

The submarine is currently being improved and will be ready to compete for the record at the ISR 2017.