The Omer club has been able to stand out thank to knowledge transfer between the members. The new members can learn from the knowledge of more experienced members, thus, permitting to avoid old mistakes and keep a good standard of quality through future generations.


Jordan Gagnon – Captain

Jordan is a student in mechanical engineering, he has graduated from a formation in naval architecture technology. Having a strong experience in the naval industry, he is responsible of the hydrodynamic and stability of the submarine.




 Alexandre Collin-Joly – Co-Captain






Guillaume Fortin Moquin – Mechanical Director

Guillaume Fortin Moquin is a bachelor student in mechanical engineering. He is a member of the club since 2014 and is the pilot of the team since Omer 9. Guillaume is addicted to biking and climbing making him the perfect candidate as the pilot of our submarines. When first introduced at the Montreal bike show he fell in love with the idea of Omer’s projects and ever since then joined with great passion. He has a great determination and mindset during competitions, giving us the upper-hand during every race. He commandeered  the Omer 9 and Omer 10 submarines.




Clara Morin – Mechanical Team

Clara Morin is a bachelor student in mechanical engineering. She begins her engagement as treasurer in the team. Omer was a good way to discover new fields of engineering that she never experiments. She participates at the manufacturing, the assembly and the esthetics of the composite hull. She is in charge of the pneumatic system. For her, Omer was a good way to combine arts and technology.



Rémy Rodrigue – Director of the Electrical Team




Jonathan Ordillas – Electrical team






Thierry Labonté-Dupuis – Mechanical Team





Samuel Carrière – Electrical Team

Samuel Carrière is an electrical engineer student that previously did a electrician formation. He actively participates in different projects in the electrical team of OmerX.





Benjamin Brunet- Mechanical Team






Charles Hamel – Mechanical Team







Renaud Simard-Boulianne – Mechanical Team

Renaud Simard-Boulianne is a bachelor student in mechanical engineering. He’s a person who likes challenges and loves problem solving I all forms. He comes a strong athletic background due to his practices in sports such as mountain biking, alpine skiing, climbing and scuba diving. He has a technical formation in mechanical engineering from the Cégep de Jonquière and likes the design and production of mechanical projects pushing his limits to the top. It is with this passion combined with his physical fitness that brings his interest in joining the Omer club. This combination of interest brings out his prowess to the addition of the team. Renaud is also our second pilot of the submarine in case of problems



Thomas Potvin -Mechanical Team

Thomas Potvin is a student in mechanical engineering. He has a lot of experience in different workplaces, he implicates himself a lot in the machining and the mechanical systems of the submarine. He has a very keen eye for detail and great perception on the whole functioning of the designed submarines.




Alexandre Gordon – Mechanical Team

Guillaume Boulianne – Treasurer – Mechanical Team

Ariel Jolicoeur – Pilote – Construction Team

Justine Achard – Construction Team

Mathieu Devar – Mechanical Team

Éric Castilloux – Electrical Team