The first Omer submarine was designed and built during the year 1990. The first contest in which it participated was in 1993. It was also used during the competition in 1994. Omer 1 is a two seater submarine with only one person pedaling. The exterior of the hull is made of glass fiber and the interior is made of a core of balsa wood giving it a null buoyancy.

The submersible vehicle had a lot of innovating elements, one being a propeller with a variable pitch controlled directly from the inboard computer. The design and manufacturing of this one has been made entirely by the Omer team. Finally, an innovating elliptic pedal system was added to the propulsion system.

Currently, the submarine Omer 1 is exposed with respect and honor at the historic maritime site of Pointe-au-père in the region of Rimouski in Quebec.