The first two-person submarine

Omer 5 was built during the 2002-2003 period to participate to a new category added to the competition, the two-people submarine. The idea for the submarine was to put the pedals face to face to join the propulsion system to the center of the submarine and optimise the space efficiency. The front peddler was giving power to the submarine and was driving it at the same time.

An improvement brought to the submarine was the presence of an onboard computer use as an automatic pilot. Thus, the pilot does not have to pilot the submarine and can focus only on its physical performance. The submarine also use pre-cambered propeller to counter the deformation of the blades caused by the force of the propeller. Other than those improvement, the choice of materials was different, the hull consisted of carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber with a core of high density foam.

The fastest submarine in the world

The submarine has been used in competition up to 2007. The fastest speed it had reached was 8,035 knots. This time was recorded at Bethesda, MD during the 9th International Submarine Race in 2007. This speed is still today the absolute world record.