The submarine Omer 2 is in the two-seated category with only one person pedaling. Omer 2 is an improved version of the first submarine Omer. Indeed, the hull was made from the same mold as Omer 1 and with the same materials, glass fiber and a core of balsa wood.

Even if it has the same hull as Omer 1, some light modifications have been made. The localisation of the glasses has been improved to give a better vision to the pilot. The direction, propulsion, mechanical systems were completely redesigned as well as the position of the fins have change for Omer 2. Finally, the submarine is equipped with a completely redesigned propeller and a modified position on the tail cone.

On an electrical point of view, Omer 2 did major improvements. The piloting station gained an electronic monitor with LCD screen. This screen indicates information to the pilot concerning several components of the submarine. The inboard computer was also improved for security measure for the pilot. Finally, the variable pitch system uses the information coming from a speed sensor and from the rotational speed of the pedals to adjust the attack angle of the blades.

The fastest speed reached by Omer 2 was 5,96 knots. This speed was recorded at Bethesda, in the Maryland in the United States during the 5th international submarine race in 1997.

The submarine is currently exposed with pride and honor at the École de technologie supérieure of Montreal.