A new concept : the submarines without propellers

The submarine Omer 6 was built during the 2006-2007. The submarine was built with a goal to take part of a category the team has never participated before, a submarine without propeller. The challenge required the development of a new propulsion system.

The solution consists of a pair of wing on each side of the submarine moving up and down. The hull was made entirely of carbon fiber with a high-density foam core.

To this day, it is still the fastest one-person submarine without propeller. From its first competition, it broke a new record in 2009 to reach 4.916 knots (Maryland US).

The submarine is currently exposed with honor and distinction at the CÉGEP of Jonquière.


Project Life Amphibious

The Omer club took a new challenge and has been used to do the last step of the fantastic travel of Odysseus (greek mythology), king of Ithaca during his return from the Trojan war to Greece.

Lloyd Godson, marine biologist and aquanaut was the instigator of this project called Life Amphibious. The project brought the submarine to follow the path of the greek hero with a path from the Cephalonia island to the Ithaca island. It was a challenge very different from the 100m race the team was used to, the team had to compose with the distance, the salty water and the marine environnement. The submarine has been sent in Greece and was put in the water. During the travel, Lloyd pedaled over a distance of 25 km at a depth of 7m.

This excursion was proving another aspect of the Omer team, its ability to adapt to new challenges.