The giant of the sea!

The development of Omer 7 started in autumn 2007 by evaluating different concepts. Following this exhausting work where several possibilities have been considered, the team decided to start the construction of a two-seated second submarine without a propeller.

The team wanted to participate in a new category added in the competition. The concept of lateral wings that gave exceptional results for Omer 6 has been reused. There was still a high level work to be realized by the team, in which most where soon graduated, in order to optimise all the built components. A lot of high end computer where used for the optimisation such as the finite elements analysis method.

Convincing results:

Omer 7 lived its water baptism during the 10th at the International Submarine Race at Bethesda in the Maryland. The efforts have rewarded the team with the world record for the speed in its category with 5.133 knots (9,51 km/h) and first place for innovation.