A small submarine…

In 2001, Omer 4 made ETS hold the number one spot in speed record in the single person with propeller category. Nevertheless, to keep this spot in our hands, different measures we’re evaluated for our future projects. Thus, Omer 8 has been designed with the goal to overtake our previous world record.

Hence, a new construction method and a new electronic system for the variable pitch propeller were implemented. Consequently, a new level of performance has been achieved due to better efficient propulsion and an optimized hull profile. The result, the smallest human powered submarine ever built.


…shaped for the speed

The design of the propeller and the implementation of the electronic variable pitch brought Omer 8 second place in its first competition at Bethesda in 2011. The following year, the submarine won the new European International Submarine Races (eISR) in England, characterized by its agility challenge in a slalom. Finally, in 2013, the team took the first place in the general ranking of the 12th International Submarine Races and overcome our own previous world record with a speed of 7,28 knots. It was also the first time that a single-blade propeller was used to power the submarine.