An optimized submarine

As a result, with our strong experience with Omer 8 and holding the world record in the “one person with propeller” category, the team launched the designed and production of Omer 9 to participate in the “two-people propeller submarine” category.

Thus, following the same principle as Omer 8, the goal is to beat the holding speed record of our older model Omer 5 (8,035 knots). Unlike our predecessor with bulky dimensions, the team reduced it on Omer 9 for ergonomic purposes. In substitution, for the very first time, the hull was made with glass and fiber composites. Joined with the principle of a variable pitch developed for Omer 8, the submarine was designed to harness the maximum power of efficiency developed by the pilot.

The coalescence of speed and agility

The requirements to participated in the slalom category in England, highly depended on the agility of the submarine. For that reason, an electrical direction system has been designed in joint with the fins at the end of the submarine. This allows us to maximize the trajectory desired in the race. For the second time the team attained their number one spot in the European International Submarine Races.