The Omer club has been designing human powered submarines since 1990. Thus, its only source of energy is strictly from the physical effort of the pilot(s). Therefore, any other type of energy source is prohibited. The hull not being watertight, the occupants are using underwater diving equipment’s.
In order to diversify the challenge, the Omer club is trying to alternate the design of its human powered submarines to accommodate the four different categories found during the competition :

  • One-person with propeller
  • One-person without propeller
  • Two-person with propeller
  • Two-person without propeller

The experience and the notoriety our team has pushes to improve our prototypes and is aiming to become number one at every competition we participate. We are all students of the “École de technologie supérieure” (ÉTS), but also passionate volunteers. Each member of the team evolves in their own speciality and contributes with their own unique creativity and technical knowledge. The Omer club is a family in which we learn from each other and  pushes each other to surpass our limits.

The steps for the design and the manufacturing of the components of the submarine are divided between the group. However, weekly meetings assure the cohesion between the team. More than a simple competition, the Omer adventure is without a doubt an outstanding experience.

The competitions inspire the students of Omer Club in multiple technical fields of submarines. It also gives the members an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice. In addition, these competitions contribute to the development of the systems of hydrodynamics vehicles, of propulsion and of life underwater.

International Submarine Race, Bethesda, Maryland


The ISR is a competition taking place every two years, established in a natural environment in  the United States in 1989 at the Singer Island, Riveria Beach, Floride. Beside the evaluation of the prototype in its whole, the principal objective is to reach the highest speed over 10m, with a acceleration distance of 45m. A schematic of the race is presented in the figure below. In 1993, the first competition in which Omer had taking place, the competition was taking place at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It is only at the 4th ISR, in 1995, that the competition was transfered in a controlled environment at the NAVAL Surface Warface Center (NSWC) – Carderock Division, Bethesda, Maryland. The ISR is made of teams from different countries, universities, high schools, independents and researches laboratories.


Schematic of the ISR race

European International Submarine Race, Gosport, UK

The eISR is a competition taking place in England since 2012 at the QinetiQ’s Ocean Basin testing facility at Haslar, Gosport, England. The eISR, taking place every two years, alternating with the ISR.In opposition to the ISR competition, this competition evaluates the agility of the prototypes in a race with a 180 degrees turning point with a slalom at the end. The race also has a speed segment, however, the acceleration distance, being shorter than the one of the ISR. A schematic of the race is presented in the figure below. During this competition, the number of teams taking part of the challenge is reduced in reason of the size of the facility. In 2014, the competition was limited to 10 teams. Furthermore, the eISR is an excellent opportunity to meet naval companies from all around the world.

Course layout eISR

Schematic of the eISR race