A few numbers

Omer 5
Speed record two place with propeller
Omer 6
Speed record one place without propeller
Total numbers of awards

Welcome to the new website of the Omer club!

It is with great pleasure that we present to you, the latest of our new website, www.clubomerets.com.

Our newest update to our website, has been redesigned and corrected to make the navigation more user-friendly. You will find several improvements such as :

  • A new “Partners” section devoted to give thanks to all our sponsors and contributors for the development of the submarine.
  • Enhanced description of the different procedures of the competitions in the “Mission” section.
  • Recorded results of previous competitions have been added for the corresponding submarine.
  • Introduction of the members of the team with a link to their linkedIn profile.
  • Contact accessibility through our website. A great opportunity for the students to join the team!